Book the studio with a songwriter

Book the studio with a songwriter to assist you in your creative process.

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How it works!

Pick A Date
Step 01

Pick a date

Discuss Your Project
Step 02

Let’s discuss your project, listen to music you like and set the tone.


Song Together
Step 03

We start writing a track together. 

Writing Demo
Step 04

At the end of the day, you leave with a first writing demo

Creative process

The basis of the process is to listen to you.

Who you are, where you want to go, what you listen to, the music you want to create…We take time to discuss, listen to things that inspire you, then off we go.

It is always intimidating to jump off the cliff and create a new track. But we are there to help you and avoir writer’s block.

Together, we will achieve cool things!

Un endroit inspirant

The Kargo Songwriting Studio is designed to be as inspiring as possible. Far from stark and classical studios, Kargo is a place where we first feel good.

Plants, couches, books, notebooks, instruments, everything has been thought after to build a creative bubble.

Kargo Piano Music
Kargo Soundsystem Decoration
Kargo Electric Guitare

Staff créatif

Pierre Dumoulin

50 million streams, 1 time Double Platinum, Pierre has a solid experience when it comes to songwriting. Favorite styles :…

Pierre Minet

Backbone of the belgian band Roscoe, Pierre kills it when it comes to write beautiful folk and airy songs.

Manu Delcourt

Conservatoire first prize in piano, graduate from the Sorbonne in Musicology, Manu can pretty much do anything. He could write…

Connect with the world

Today, it is technically possible to make remote writing sessions, with a few tools that allow you to work without latency, streaming live sound in high definition.

It is pretty easy to set up session at Kargo with a producer from LA or New Delhi.